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Self description will follow soon!


y0 dudes, i'm Chris, Trackmania name Pornostar and 19 years young :P

My home is near to W├╝rzburg in Bavaria, Germany.

I discovered Trackmania roughly 10 years ago but got an active player in the end of 2012.

My first clan war IR, a clan with 4 members only, but unfortunately just for a short time.

I met Fluff on the BE 80k server and some weeks ago we decided to join UNR where i got contact to Jonny, the leader of UNR. After the collapse of UNR, Fluff, me and some other people decided to open the new Clan Pedo, later the name was changed to FaZ where i got the Co-Leader position.

Over the months and years i got in contact with new drivers and i just like the community - also to other clanmembers - here.

Thats a reason why i decided after the 3rd TWNE edition to support Jonny with the implementation and further development of this event.
I really hope we can fascinate more and more nascar players to join this event :).


Self description will follow soon!

If there are any questions left, feel free and share this with us at skype (dittjon), Ingame (dittjon98) or per Mail (