+++    The 7th TWNE-Season is over! Thanks all for participating! :)   +++

The Weekly Nascarevent” is a TMNF/TMUF-Event, organized by Jonny, Pornseggl and Fluff (Serveradmin: Suprime) and takes mostly place at Wednesday, 20.30CET. The first Series of the Event started in the beginning of September in the year 2014. In May 2017 ended the 6th Series. The Event became more popular and there were more and more participations each Series. The Main-Goal of this Long-Term-Event is to strengthen the NASCAR-Community and also of course a lot of fun.

After a little break, TWNE is back in Trackmania and we look forward to see you participating.

To take part, no registration is required! You just have to join the Server punctual.

Information about the 7th Series:

-The Series starts at 10th January 2018, 20.30CET
-The principle is nearly the same like in the Series before and like always we are going to start with our traditional „Normal Knockout“ - Event.

What is new? What is really important to know?:

- Only the best 9 Results of each individual player will be counted (9 out of 12 events)
- No Grand Final again
- The Winner of the Event is the player who has the most Points overall after the 12 Eventdays
- The Biathlon-Event (red marked) is the 13th Event, which is a fun-Event. So you won´t get points for the Overall-Score
- The „Get the points“-Event is a new Eventmode in TWNE. With this Event the Admin-Team tries to reward especially players who are the most active. For more information use the Buttons on the left Sidebar


- Mostly Wednesday, 20.30CE(S)T (Event 1-11);
- Sunday, 20 CEST (Event 12)

Additional Information: We always recommend to read the chat-messages of the Admin before and during the Event. Especially on the Knockout-Systems you should pay attention on this.
   ->Event 1,2,3,5,8, 9, 10, 11, 12: Random Nascarmaps from the Server
   ->Event 4, 6, 7, 13: The Maps are selected by the Adminteam
- If you want to support us – feel free to send us your coppers as a donation and we give them out as prizes! More Details about Prizes you can find at "Prizes" (Left Sidebar!). .

If there are still any questions left, feel free and share this with us at skype (dittjon), Ingame (dittjon98) or per Mail (jonas.ditte@emailn.de)

We look forward to see all the loyal players of the old Series again and, of course, we really hope to see some kind and good new players who will participate frequently.
This means: share this Event with your Trackmaniabuddys. It would be a great support of you!

Jonny, Porno, Fluff and Suprime ! :)

-Servername: The Weekly Nascarevent (20.30CET)
-Serverlogin: twnes7
-Serverlocation: Germany, Berlin
-Server is hosted by Faz! Suprime
-Be punctual on the Server, because the Admin sets a password if the Event starts (No Password: Event 2,4,7,8,9,12 & 13)
-The Server will be opened 15 minutes before the Event starts

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